Carved Oud Essential Set


The Carved Oud Essential Set from Thameen features the classic fragrance from the Treasure Collection in eau de parfum form, the hair fragrance of the same mesmerising scent with keratin and the complimenting body lotion infused with argan oil and shea butter. The most precious gift and a must-have for Thameen aficionados.

Indian Royalty were considered somewhere between man and God and this ritual adornment with perfumes and jewels created something of a super-human presence.

The name itself comes from temple designs and decorations and the image of the women, once decorated, as a perfect, carved goddess. A unique oud was selected from the South of India, one of the highest quality oud oils, it is both angular and edgy

The unique oud from the South of India, angular and sweetly edgy, dictates this heavenly scent. The top note blends beautifully with cedar wood and guaiac.

At the base, a pure patchouli and sun-baked vetiver add depth and warmth polished off by a smooth, temperate musk. Divine.

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