Parfum 100ml

Ruby Baby Fragrance


Scents for babies and children have long been popular among European sophisticates who understand the primal bond between fragrance and memory.

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Perfume is essentially a gesture of refinement – it makes the world more beautiful and our most intense scent memories are created very early in life – often before we are even fully cognisant.

Designed to create a whole reservoir of memories for both parents and infants, the scents are hypoallergenic and, are gentle on the skin and use the lightest of notes including comforting vanilla, calming jasmine and roses, scientifically proven to promote sweet dreams! Spray directly onto skin or into hair after bath time.


Each of the scents are named after birthstones to echo the Thameen collection for adults which is inspired by legendary gems- Ruby
Representing health, wealth and wisdom – opens with a soothing rose/jasmine combination with the added sweet creaminess of heliotrope (sweet almond). The heart is a soft, buttery blend of peaches and melon that coats a warm, cosy base of sandalwood and oak moss.


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